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Information from the entire dairy value chain in one place!

FAO launches the new Dairy-Gateway


The FAO Dairy-Gateway is an information platform that offers a wide range of material about milk production and products with the main focus on conditions in developing countries. The Dairy-Gateway provides in English, French and Spanish a general overview about important topics of dairy production, milk and dairy products and their use. The gateway has links to relevant publications, information resources, statistics, interactive resources like photos and videos and links to dairy actors in developing countries. Users are encouraged to enrich the information by providing additional information through documents, field experiments and by directly uploading their video and picture stories.


The targeted users of this gateway are extension and development workers, livestock sector planners, project formulators, livestock farmers, science managers, policy makers, students and researchers.


The main objective of the gateway is to share information about dairy development in a consolidated form and by considering the whole value chain. Effective dairy development requires consideration of many different components and stakeholders. For the milk producers the selection of the right species and dairy breeds, proper feeding, management and health care and the economics of production are very important. Integration into value chains requires milk preservation, collection and transport and procession systems. A large variety of dairy products are available for the consumers which have to be produced and marketed in a safe and hygienic way. With more than 80 percent of the milk produced in developing countries coming from small-scale dairy producers, dairying improves food security and represents a source of employment and income to millions of smallholder families. Milk producer organizations are crucial in enabling milk producers to benefit fully from dairy production and can contribute to poverty reduction through advocacy and economic empowerment.


The FAO Dairy-Gateway has the following sections:

  • Milk production is introducing the different dairy animals, production systems, breeding, farm practices, animal health and feed resources.
  • Milk processing is describing milk preservation, collection and transport and processing.
  • Milk and milk products gives an overview of the different types of milk and their products, ways of quality testing and of potential health hazards and their prevention through observation of quality standards.
  • The dairy chain includes information about institutions, economics, social and gender issues, smallholder aspects and the role of dairy production in development.
  • Projects and programmes provides an overview of ongoing FAO dairy activities.
  • The information resources include publications, training material, a glossary, links to information websites and to the FAO statistical database FAOSTAT.
  • The interactive resources include photos, videos and notes from field activities.


Feedback, comments and suggestions for improvement of the Gateway are welcome and may please be directed to: [email protected]