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  • Zoie Jones
    Communications Officer
    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Sudan
    [email protected]


Livestock loans in four localities in eastern Sudan


Some of the animals distributed in KassalaFAO has distributed goats and sheep in four localities in eastern Sudan as part of a livestock loan scheme to help re-establish livelihoods for 375 vulnerable households.


The project, funded by the Common Humanitarian Fund, sees targeted vulnerable households in Rural Kassala, Hamiskorab, Talkouk and Rural Port Sudan given four healthy animals and 250kgs of concentrated animal feed (which is enough to last for about 3 months).


When the livestock produce offspring the household will hand those animals back to an established village committee who will then pass the animals on to another vulnerable household to continue the breeding cycle. The localities were chosen because they experienced poor rainfall for the last two years which caused an animal feed gap resulting in the loss of some animals and significant body condition loss in others.


By the end of the project the targeted households will have re-established a small family herd that provides milk – a rich source of nutrition, particularly for children.


FAO is working on the project in partnership with German Agro Action, Sudanese Organization for Research and Development, the Islamic Relief Agency, Sudanese Red Crescent and Delta for Community Development.