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  • Pierre Gerber
  • Livestock policy officer
    FAO HQ, Room C-537
    Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
    00153 Rome, Italy
    Tel: +39 06 570 56217
    [email protected]
Cattle being taken to graze along the shores of a lake. ©FAO/Ivo Balderi



The demand for livestock products is growing and climate change threatens food security and rural livelihoods. The livestock sector contributes significantly to climate change, and the policies that are currently in place are unlikely to be sufficient to achieve meaningful reductions in the sector’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

FAO, together with 25 partners of private and public sectors from 12 European countries, Senegal, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, Kenya and New Zealand, is part of  the AnimalChange (AN Integration of Mitigation and Adaptation options for sustainable Livestock production under climate CHANGE) project. The project is funded by the European Commission, for a period of four years, and will, for the first time, provide an integrative vision of the future of the livestock sector under climate change.

It will address uncertainties in the measurement of GHG emissions and the vulnerability of livestock to climate change, develop cutting-edge technologies for mitigation and adaptation, assess the costs of different development scenarios and provide support to policy makers. The results will be applicable to wide range of systems not only in Europe, but also in Africa and Latin America.