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The LEAP Guidelines for environmental quantification of nutrient flows and impact assessment in livestock supply chains are now available for public review.
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The EuFMD’s training programme


The EuFMD has focused on development of e-learning in the past two years and we are now delivering numerous courses and workshops, both online and realtime. Our most recent developments include Risk Analysis along the Value Chain and the Laboratory Investigation course, in collaboration with The Pirbright Institute. A number of the new courses are the “in-depth” ones where participants are required to study at least 4 hours a week [...]

©FAOModern technology improves traditional livelihoods in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, between 2 and 2.5 million families earn a living from the dairy sector and 80 percent of all the country’s milk comes from smallholder farmers who own four or fewer cows. Within the vast borders of Kazakhstan, the world’s ninth largest country, livestock are an important part of people’s livelihoods and food security [...]


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