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Webinar on rabies prevention and control tools in China

01 October 2015 - Rabies occurs in more than 150 countries and territories, with 95% of human deaths reported in Africa and Asia, mostly in rural areas. Although there is a good dog rabies vaccine and effective human post exposure prophylaxis available, there are still many challenges for implementing rabies control, especially in developing countries. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), China has the second highest number of reported rabies cases in the world, mostly in the south-eastern part of China and mostly due to dog bites. In fact, China's dog population has increased dramatically in recent years, with a total of 80 million dogs, 14 million of which live in urban areas. China administers 12-15 million rabies vaccine doses annually and the Chinese authorities are forecasting national rabies elimination by 2025.

This webinar was held on 21 September 2015 in Chinese. Over 30 participants from Chinese animal disease prevention and control centers, veterinary colleges and research institutes participated the meeting. Four 20-minute presentations were made, followed by 15 minutes of general discussion, on the following subjects:

  • Rabies diagnosis in China, by Changchun Tu from Military Veterinary Research Institute (OIE Ref Laboratory in China), introducing the current situation of rabies diagnosis in China, and introduced the international standard sampling and diagnosis methods.
  • Example of effective rabies prevention and control, by Zheng Zeng from the Chongqing Animal Disease Control Center, focusing on the work done on rabies prevention and control in Chongqing municipality in recent years, including the achievements and challenges.
  • Rabies vaccine research and development, by Ling Zhao from Huazhong Agricultural University (one of LinkTADs partners), reviewing the history of rabies vaccines and the updates in rabies vaccine research and development, including the future trends.
  • Rabies international taskforce, by Fusheng Guo from FAO China, who introduced the current rabies status in the world, as well as the international initiatives on rabies prevention and control in China.

The webinar can be viewed here.


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