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Prevention against avian influenza (highly pathogenic avian influenza)

FAO assistance mission in Benin: Capacity building of laboratories staff and the public and private veterinary services

05 November 2015 – From 3 to 13 November 2015, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) will be conducting a training mission in Cotonou (Benin). The training which aims to strengthen the capacity of the national laboratory staff as well as the private and public veterinary services will be delivered by two FAO experts from the FAO Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases (FAO ECTAD) for West and Central Africa based in Bamako/Mali and the EMPRES/lab Unit in Rome.

Two set of trainings will be organized during this mission. The first training will gather staff from the Veterinary Services in Benin and will be held at the Diagnostic Laboratory and Serosurveillance in Parakou (LADISERO). The training will focus on molecular AI diagnostic techniques including real time and conventional PCR protocols as well as serological techniques.

Following this first training, the mission will visit the veterinary laboratory in Bohicon and work with national staff involved in the laboratory diagnostic and officers involved on laboratory quality management assurance. The mission will conclude with a second training on HPAI which will gather Public and privates veterinary services in Cotonou focusing on disease recognition and epidemilogy.

Overall, the two trainings aim at strengthening the capacity of public and private Veterinary Services for the HPAI prevention in Benin. In regard to staff from the public and private veterinary services, they will be updated on the HPAI situation in the region, the epidemiology, the prevention and control measures, identification and planning of immediate activities according to the newly revised national AI contingency plan.

Finally, FAO in Benin, will take this opportunity to work with the mission and national competent authorities to frame country level activities within the framework of the Regional Project «emergency assistance for the prevention and control of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in West and Central Africa funded by USAID and discuss operational modalities for immediate implementation.

These set of activities are aligned to the recommendations of the FAO Crisis Management Centre-Animal Health (CMC-AH) preparedness mission that was conducted in February 2015 after a request from the Government of Benin.  The main recommendation of the CMC mission was: the strengthening of capacity of veterinary services this includes the diagnosis laboratories.


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