FAO :: Newsroom :: Focus on the issues :: 2005
Focus on the issues, 2005
This Focus profiles the rebuilding of fishing and farming livelihoods in Indonesia, the Maldives, Sri Lanka and Thailand. In interviews with the men building new fishing boats and the women planting new trees in the orchards where their loved ones died, a story of rebirth and hope emerges.
SIDS are threatened by the turbulence of globalization and the uncertainties of climate change, forcing them to struggle against the odds to develop their economies and improve the diets, health and livelihoods of their people.
Can greater cooperation and better management ensure that fishing and seafood harvesting continue to occupy a central role in Mediterranean cultures?
The Codex Alimentarius Commission recently looked at range of food safety issues, including guidelines for vitamin and mineral food supplements and whether a quality standard should be developed for Parmesan cheese.
Six months after the tsunami disaster, FAO and its partners are working to promote productive and environmentally sustainable reconstruction strategies to help hard hit coastal communities build back better livelihoods.
In this series of articles from Indonesia, Thailand and Viet Nam, those hit by and those hitting back at avian flu describe in their own words their hardships and struggles, but also what is working against the epidemic.
For farmers and consumers in the developing world, ups and downs in agricultural commodity markets can mean the difference between feast and famine. A new FAO report explores the impacts of commodity price fluctuations in the world's poorest countries.