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The FAO has signed an accord with Tunisia to create a new subregional office in Tunis to serve North Africa, the last of five such offices to be opened which will allow specialists to quickly field agricultural problems.

As well as Tunisia, the office will help the other countries of the subregion - Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania - to reinforce their agriculture sectors through advice on policy, strengthening institutions and better use of human resources.

The FAO has 50 projects underway in the subregion valued at US $60 million. In addition, the FAO's Investment Centre has prepared 37 wide-ranging rural development projects since 1990, with a potential total investment of about US$2.8 billion. Outside funding comes from the World Bank, the African Bank for Development, IFAD and other multilateral financial institutions.

The Tunis office will be staffed by some 18 people and report to the FAO Regional Office for the Near East in Cairo.

Other subregional offices have been opened in Apia, Western Samoa to serve the Pacific Islands; Harare, Zimbabwe to serve Eastern and Southern Africa; Bridgetown, Barbados to serve the Caribbean and Budapest, Hungary for Eastern Europe.

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