New home page for FAO's Economic and Social Department

FAO's Economic and Social Department (ES) has relaunched its own home page. The new site -- click on Economics on the FAO home page for access -- has expanded its coverage and includes key statistical, commodities, trade, economic analysis and nutrition work. In addition, it publishes regular reports and alerts on vital issues such as food security. Highlighted on the new site are:

  • The Sixth World Food Survey, the latest in a series reviewing the global food and nutrition situation once every ten years, recently released jointly by the Statistics (ESS) and Food and Nutrition (ESN) Divisions of ES.
  • More on-line information from the 1995 State of Food and Agriculture (SOFA), FAO's annual report on current developments affecting world agriculture.
  • The new Food Outlook and September's Sahel Weather and Crop Situation from the Global Information and Early Warning System.

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