Ronaldo speaks out for FAO in a live Internet chat session

Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo

During the 1997 FAO TeleFood global broadcast against hunger, many celebrities lent their voicies and talents to the cause. None was more eloquent than the Brazilian football superstar Ronaldo, recently named World Football Player of the Year for 1997, who plays for the Italian club Inter of Milan. On Friday 16 January from 17:30 to 18:00 GMT, Ronaldo again raises his voice against the injustice of hunger, during a unique live video question-and-answer session from his home in Milan.

Internet users will be able to see and hear Ronaldo live at the footballer's own web site as well as ask him questions online. Questions may be posed in Portuguese, Italian or English. Ronaldo will respond in Portuguese and Italian.

Go to Ronaldo's official site

14 January 1998

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