FAO review of state of food and agriculture in 1997 now available in five languages

SOFA 1997 is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French and Spanish

The 1997 edition of "The State of Food and Agriculture" (SOFA), FAO's annual flagship report analysing global and regional developments in food and agriculture and examining key issues facing the sector, is now available in five languages - Arabic, Chinese, English, French and Spanish. The global survey was first published in English in November 1997, in time for discussions at the biennial meeting of the FAO Conference, the Organization's governing body, held in Rome from 7 to 18 November.

In its global review of agriculture, forestry and fisheries issues, SOFA presents the current agricultural situation using graphics and commentary and examines the relationship between the overall economic environment and agriculture. The 1997 edition contains three special sections - Forests in a Global Context, Raising Women's Productivity in Agriculture, and Global Climate Change Abatement Policies. The review also features a special chapter on Agroprocessing Industry and Economic Development.

The regional review looks at important agricultural trends and issues in developing country regions, with an in-depth focus on selected countries including Mozambique and Angola in the Africa Region, Bangladesh in Asia and the Pacific, Peru in Latin America and the Caribbean and Egypt in the Near East. Developments in the reforming countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the status of agricultural reforms in the Russian Federation are also discussed.

Latest available production and trade statistics for agricultural, fisheries, and forestry from about 150 countries and country groups are an important part of the SOFA package. A computer diskette containing selected data in English, French and Spanish is provided, as is user-friendly software - FAOSTAT TS - for easy display and analysis of the structured year-by-year databases Even the most inexperienced computer users can browse through the databases and print graphs and tables, plot multiple-line graphs, and export data for use in other programs.

The data were selected from FAOSTAT, FAO's on-line, multilingual database currently containing over one million time-series records covering international statistics in the following areas: Production; Trade; Food Balance Sheets; Food Aid Shipments; Fertilizer and Pesticides; Land Use and Irrigation; Forest Products; Fishery Products; Population; and Agricultural Machinery.

"The State of Food and Agriculture 1997" can be ordered from the FAO Sales and Marketing Group, Information Division. The complete publication is also available electronically in English, French and Spanish.

12 February 1998

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