George McGovern appointed United States Permanent Representative to FAO

Director-General Jacques Diouf greeting George McGovern (left), the new Permanent Representative of the United States to FAO

Former United States Senator George McGovern has been named the new US Permanent Representative to FAO. Perhaps best known as the Democratic Party nominee for US President in 1972, McGovern has much experience in the field of food and agriculture. He was director of the US Food for Peace programme in 1961-1962, and also served as co-chairman of the Senate nutrition committee, travelling the country holding hearings on hunger.

FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf, on accepting McGovern's credentials 14 April, said: "We all know your personal dedication to fighting hunger. We know what you have achieved already in this area. And your presence here, having your support and the support of your country, will be a very important element in our common goal to eradicate hunger."

Responded McGovern: "I honestly believe that the most urgent problem in the world today is to end human hunger. I don't see any reason for it. We have the knowledge and the resources to end hunger, and under your leadership we can do it."

McGovern was appointed to a three-year term as representative by US President Bill Clinton.

24 April 1998

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