FAO appeals for US$ 13 million for farmers in Mozambique

Devastation wrought by the floods in Mozambique (WFP photos)

FAO has launched a new appeal for US$13 million for the reconstruction of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in Mozambique over the next six months. This follows an appeal for US$2.5 million that was issued immediately after the floods. The money will be used to address the needs of rural people now returning to their villages. The new appeal reflects a better understanding of the agriculture-related damage in Mozambique since the flood waters have started to recede.

"There are more than 120 000 farmers and their families in desperate need of assistance in the southern and central provinces of Mozambique," said Anne M. Bauer, Chief of FAO's Special Relief Operations Service. "They need emergency support so they can rebuild their homes and fields to start planting immediately and prepare for the main agricultural season, which begins next September."

Roads, irrigation systems, and farm equipment were severely damaged by the recent flooding, the worst in 40 years. Many farm animals were drowned and animal disease control facilities were destroyed, Ms. Bauer said. Major irrigation systems and almost 140 000 hectares of crops such as maize, beans, rice, sweet potatoes, groundnuts (peanuts) and vegetables have been destroyed, or seriously affected. Food and seed stocks were also seriously damaged and in many cases washed away.

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Listen to or download an interview with Ms. Angela Hinrichs, Operations Officer in the FAO Special Relief Operations Service (TCOR). Ms Hinrichs has just returned from an assessment mission to the southern provinces of Mozambique.

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27 March 2000

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