World Food Day - 16 October 2000

"A Millennium Free from Hunger" is the theme of this year's World Food Day, which takes place on 16 October in commemoration of the anniversary of FAO's founding on 16 October 1945.

Around 800 million men, women and children go to sleep hungry every day. Hunger not only cuts short the lives and hopes of individuals, it also damages the peace and prosperity of nations. Urgent action must be taken on many fronts not just to provide food for the hungry, but also to eliminate the underlying causes of hunger worldwide rapidly, sustainably and permanently.

Raising people's awareness about the problems of hunger and food insecurity is a vital first step in creating a world without hunger. The celebration of World Food Day in about 150 countries around the world aims to heighten public awareness and understanding of world hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

Visit the World Food Day web page for information materials and relevant links to FAO activities. Information on World Food Day events around the world will be announced regularly.

For more information regarding World Food Day, please contact the Chief of the Unit for Liaison with National Committees, Mr. Sidaty Aidara, [email protected]

13 July 2000

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