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Committee on Commodity Problems

67th Session
Rome,20 - 22 April 2009

List of documentsDownloadID
CCP 09/1 Rev.1 Provisional agenda and agenda notes K4659E
CCP 09/2 - GR-RI 07/6 Report of the joint meeting of the Intergovernmental Group on Grains (31) and the Intergovernmental Group on Rice (42) Istanbul, Turkey, 14 17 May 2007 K0193E
CCP 09/3 - TE08/9 Report of the 18th Session of the IGG on Tea K2779E
CCP 09/4 Cancelled   -
CCP 09/5 Refer to CCP 09/Inf 06    -
CCP 09/6 The market and food security implications of the development of biofuel production K4477E
CCP 09/7 Multilateral trade negotiations in the WTO: current position and implications K4300E
CCP 09/8 Policy responses to higher food prices K4392E
CCP 09/9 Towards policies for minimizing distortionary effects of support to agriculture K4637E
CCP 09/10 Macroeconomic consequences and management of food commodity price movements K4223E
CCP 09/11 Report on product and market development activities including those in collaboration with the Common Fund for Commodities K4244E
CCP 09 INF/Series
CCP 09/Inf 1 Provisional timetable and list of Documents K4742E
CCP 09/Inf 2 Opening statement by Mr James G. Butler, Deputy Director-General K4851E
CCP 09/Inf 3 Statement of competence and voting rights submitted by the European Community (EC) and its Member States (MS) K4808E
CCP 09/Inf 4 List of delegates and observers AK234E
CCP 09/Inf 5 Consultative Subcommittee on Surplus Disposal (CSSD) forty-second report to the CCP K4743E
CCP 09/Inf 6 Current situation and Outlook K4712E
CCP 09/Inf 7 Report on product and market development activities including those in collaboration with the common fund for commodities: Additional information K4805E
Background DocumentsDownload ID
_ OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 20082017   _
_ Food Outlook November 2008   _
The ReportDownload ID
CL 136/4 Report of the 67th Session of the Committee on Commodity Problems
(Rome, 20-22 April 2009)

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