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FAO Regional Conference for Africa

Yaounde (Cameroon) 21-25 February 2000


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ARC/00/1 Provisional Annotated Agenda word.gif (913 bytes) X3915E
ARC/00/2 Report on FAO Activities in the Region 1998-99 word.gif (913 bytes) X4121E
ARC/00/3 The Challenges of Sustainable Forestry Development in Africa word.gif (913 bytes) X3976E
ARC/00/4 Public Assistance and Agricultural Development in Africa word.gif (913 bytes) X3977E
ARC/00/5 World Food Summit Follow-up: Special Programme for food Security - National Ownership of the Programme and its South-South Dimension word.gif (913 bytes)xls.gif (915 bytes) X4056E

World Food Summit Follow-up: Actions Taken at Regional and Sub-Regional Level to Implement the Plan of Action

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ARC/00/INF/1 Provisional List of Documents

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ARC/00/INF/2 Provisional Timetable word.gif (913 bytes) X3917E
ARC/00/INF/3 Information Note word.gif (913 bytes) X3918E
ARC/00/INF/4 Statement of the Director-General word.gif (913 bytes) X4506E
ARC/00/INF/5 Progress Report on the Common African Agricultural Programme (CAAP)

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ARC/00/INF/6 Integration of Sustainable Aquaculture and Rural Development word.gif (913 bytes) X3978E
ARC/00/INF/7 Drought Impact Mitigation and Prevention: A Long-term Perspective

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Representation on the CGIAR

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