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Twenty-Eighth FAO Regional Conference for
Latin America and the Caribbean

Guatemala City, Guatemala, 26 - 30  April 2004

For interested readers some selected documents are available on this website.

List of documents Download ID
LARC/04/1-Rev.1 Provisional Annotated Agenda J1155E
LARC/04/2 Food Security as Rural Development Strategy J1562E
LARC/04/3 Economic and Social Development as the Basis for FAO Actions in Latin America and the Caribbean J1490E
LARC/04/4 Follow-up to the World Food Summit and the World Food Summit: five years later – Regional Dimensions J1491E
LARC/04/INF - Series
LARC/04/INF/1 Information Note J1419E
LARC/04/INF/2-Rev.2 Provisional Timetable J1156E
LARC/04/INF/3-Rev.3 Provisional List of Documents J1157E
LARC/04/INF/4 Statement by the Director-General  
LARC/04/INF/5 FAO Activities (2002-2003), Trends and Challenges in Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Food Security in the Region and Action Taken on the Main Recommendations of the 27th FAO Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean J1944E
LARC/04/INF/6 The International Year of Rice (2004) J1225E
LARC/04/INF/7 FAO Strategic Framework for Bridging the Rural Digital Divide J1674E
LARC/04/INF/8 Initiative to Review and Update National Agricultural, Rural Development and Food Security Strategies and Policies J1697E
LARC/04/INF/9 Report of the XI Western Central Atlantic Fishery Commission (WECAFC) J1253E
LARC/04/INF/10 Report of the Ninth Session of the Commission for Inland Fisheries of Latin America (COPESCAL) J1254E
LARC/04/INF/11 Report of the Twenty-second Session of the Latin America and Caribbean Forestry Commission (LACFC) J1447E
LARC/04/INF/12 Report of the Commission on Livestock Development for Latin America and the Caribbean J1821E
LARC/04/REP Report of the Twenty-eighth FAO Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean


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