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Twenty-Ninth FAO Regional Conference for
Latin America and the Caribbean

Caracas, Venezuela, 24 - 28 April 2006

List of documents Download ID
LARC/06/1 Provisional Annotated Agenda J7038E
LARC/06/2 Territorial policies for economic and social development of rural areas J7402E
LARC/06/3 Food safety and animal and plant health: trends and challenges for Latin America J7447E
LARC/06/4 Matters Arising from the Thirty-third Session of the FAO Conference J7267E
RC/2006/1 FAO Reform:
Part I. The Director-General's revised proposals
Part II. A vision for the twenty-first century
LARC/06/INF - Series
LARC/06/INF/1 Information Note J7180E
LARC/06/INF/2 Provisional Timetable J7037E
LARC/06/INF/3 Provisional List of Documents J7039E
LARC/06/INF/4 Statement by the Director-General J7458E
LARC/06/INF/5 Report on FAO Activities in the Region (2004-2005) with a focus on the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals and action taken on the main recommendations of the 28th FAO Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean J7448E
LARC/06/INF/5-Sup.1 Particulars on the Special Forum on Follow-up to the World Food Summit Plan of Action - Committee on World Food Security 2006 J7256E
LARC/06/INF/6 Trends and challenges in Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Food Security in Latin America and the Caribbean J7360E
LARC/06/INF/7 Strengthening regional capacity for the prevention and control of Avian Influenza in Latin America and the Caribbean J7446E
LARC/06/INF/8 Report of the Twelfth Western Central Atlantic Fishery Commission (WECAFC) J7254E
LARC/06/INF/9 Report of the Tenth Session of the Commission for Inland Fisheries of Latin America (COPESCAL) J7255E
LARC/06/INF/10 Report of the Twenty-third Session of the Latin American and Caribbean Forestry Commission (LACFC) J7314E
LARC/06/INF/11 Round Table: "Towards a Regional Agricultural Common Market: Problems and prospectives" J7585E
LARC/06/INF/12 Round Table: "Institutional challenges for National, Subregional and Regional Technological Innovation" J7472E

LARC/06/REP Report of the Twenty-ninth FAO Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean

Previous Sessions: LARC 28; LARC 27; LARC 26; LARC 25

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