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FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific

Beijing, China, 17-21 May 2004
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APRC/04/1 Provisional Annotated Agenda J1718E
APRC/04/2 Rice in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in Asia and the Pacific J1699E
APRC/04/2-Corr.1 Corrigendum to document APRC/04/2 J1699E
APRC/04/3 Institution Building to Strengthen Agriculture Extension J1700E
APRC/04/4 Follow-up to the World Food Summit and the  World Food Summit:five years later: Regional Dimensions J1748E
APRC/04/5 Subregional Strategy for Food Security (Pacific Subregion J1739E
APRC/04/6 Report on FAO Activities in the Asia and Pacific Region (2002-2003) and Actions Taken on the 26th APRC Recommendations J1702E
APRC/04/6-Corr.1 Corrigendum to document APRC/04/6 J1702E
APRC/04/7 Roundtable on Financing for Agricultural Development J1722E
APRC/04/INF - Series
APRC/04/INF/1 Information Note J1692E
APRC/04/INF/2 Provisional Timetable J1721E
APRC/04/INF/3 Provisional List of Documents J1749E
APRC/04/INF/4 Statement of the Director-General J1937E
APRC/04/INF/5 Seed Policy and Regulations in the Light of the International Treaty on PGRFA and the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety J1701E
Corrigendum to document APRC/04/INF/5 J1701E
APRC/04/INF/6 First Report on the State of the World’s Animal Genetic Resources – Progress Report J1705E
APRC/04/INF/7 International Year of Rice - 2004 J1706E
APRC/04/INF/8 Fao Strategic Framework for Bridging the Rural Digital Divide J1708E
APRC/04/INF/9 Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture in Asia and the Pacific J1704E
APRC/04/INF/10 Initiative to Review and Update National Agricultural, Rural Development and Food Security Strategies and Policies J1707E
Corrigendum to document APRC/04/INF/10 J1707E
APRC/04/REP Report of
Twenty-Seventh FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific
(Beijing, China, 17-21 May 2004)


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