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FAO Regional Conference for the Near East

Doha, Qatar, 13-17 March 2004

For interested readers some selected documents are available on this website.

List of documents Download ID
NERC/04/1-Rev.1 Provisional Annotated Agenda J1715E
NERC/04/2 Action Taken on the Main Recommendations of the Twenty-Sixth Regional Conference for the Near East and the FAO Activities in the Region During 2002-2003 J1656E
NERC/04/3 Follow-up to the World Food Summit and the World Food Summit: five years later
- Regional Dimensions
NERC/04/4 Towards Improved Water Demand Management in the Near East J1654E
NERC/04/5 Food Safety and International Trade in the Near East Region J1653E
NERC/04/6 Establishment of the Regional Animal Health Commission for the Near East and North Africa (AHCNENA) J1563E
NERC/04/INF - Series
NERC/04/INF/1 Information Note English only --
NERC/04/INF/2 Provisional Timetable J1314E
NERC/04/INF/3 Provisional List of Documents English only --
NERC/04/INF/4 Statement by the FAO Director-General J1736E J1736E
NERC/04/INF/5 Forests and Tree Contribution to Environment, Water and Food Security J1308E
NERC/04/INF/6 The Role of Rural Micro-finance in Sustainable Agricultural Development J1309E
NERC/04/INF/7 Promoting Agricultural Research and Extension for Sustainable Development in the Near East: A Framework for Action J1310E
NERC/04/INF/8 Policy Framework for Mainstreaming Gender in Agriculture and Rural Development in the Near East Region J1311E
NERC/04/INF/9 The International Year of Rice 2004 J1306E
NERC/04/INF/10 FAO Strategic Framework for Bridging the Rural Digital Divide J1312E
NERC/04/INF/11 Initiative to Support the Review and Update of National Strategies and Polices for Food Security and Agricultural Development: Perspective from the Near East Region J1517E
Report of the
Twenty-seventh FAO Regional Conference for the Near East
(Doha, State of Qatar, 13-17 March 2004)

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