Voices from the symposium

FAO’s role in the symposium is to provide a neutral, inclusive forum that encourages participation from multiple sectors and stakeholders. The discussion will focus on the scientific aspects of biotechnology and how or why they should be channeled to address these issues in the food system.

This page will display a live twitter stream from the symposium, as well as video clips of expert interviews conducted before and during the event.

Biotechnology, climate change and practical applications

17 February 2016
Shadrack Moephuli, of the Agricultural Research Council in Pretoria, South Africa, talks about how biotechnology can help adapt to climate [...more]

Fermentation technology for animal nutrition

17 February 2016
Cavaba Srinivas Prasada, of the National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology, Bengaluru, India, talks about the application of fermentation [...more]

New technologies and the Industry

17 February 2016
Daniel Kamanga, Director of Communication of Africa Harvest, illustrates the experience he came to share in the Symposium, namely a [...more]

L’expérience du Cameroun en matière de biotechnologies

17 February 2016
M. Henri Eyebe Ayissi, Ministre de l'agriculture et du développement rural du Cameroun, parle de l’ expérience du Cameroun et [...more]

Biotechnology for animal breeding

16 February 2016
Paul Boettcher, of FAO Animal Genetic Resources branch, talks about biotechnologies for animal breeding in the context of climate change [...more]

La société civile et les biotechnologies

16 February 2016
Guy Kastler, La Via Campesina, intervenant de la société civile à l’occasion du Symposium international sur le rôle des biotechnologies [...more]

The future of biotechnologies

15 February 2016
Gunter Pauli, Founder, Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives Network, Japan, discusses his vision of biotechnologies and how they can be [...more]

Biotechnology and wild genetic diversity

15 February 2016
Douglas Cook, of University of California Davis, USA, talks about the importance of wild gene pools for improving crops and [...more]

Symposium on Agricultural Biotechnologies, FAO 15-17 February, 2016

15 February 2016
"We need more focused research for small farmers", says Louise Fresco, President, Executive Board of Wageningen, the Netherlands, at the [...more]

Marcela Villarreal on Symposium on Agricultural Biotechnologies

12 February 2016
The Symposium on Agricultural Biotechnologies hosted by FAO is a neutral platform for a scientific debate, an opportunity for researchers, [...more]
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