FAO Conference 40th Session

Rome, 3 - 8 July 2017


FAO Conference ends with endorsement of UN agency's programme of work and budget
Director-General: FAO will heed Members call to reinforce its work on climate change

Sustainable agriculture can mitigate climate change and involuntary migration
FAO and IOM call for renewed focus on rural development; climate disasters are displacing one person every second

South-South Cooperation plays vital role in promoting sustainable development
FAO Director-General lauds China's contribution towards the programme's expansion

Intensified efforts and investments needed to keep famine at bay
Member Nations briefed on famine-fighting efforts in four at-risk countries

Zero Hunger can only be possible with strong support from Parliamentarians
Enabling legislative environment is fundamental to achieve food and nutrition security

Zero Hunger champions take a bow at FAO ceremony
Governments, journalists, NGOs and UN field teams recognized for work to eradicate hunger, promote sustainable development

FAO Director-General urges countries to recognize the vital role of rural women in freeing the world from hunger and poverty
A special event looks into ways to achieve gender equality for food security, nutrition and sustainable development

Rural development as a path to peace in Colombia is an example for the world
Director-General emphasizes FAO’s commitment to support the consolidation of peace

New Global Action Programme for SIDS countries addresses nutrition and climate change challenges
Initiative targets improved food system sustainability and agriculture sector resilience

Germany and FAO honor 15 years of strategic partnership
Bilateral Trust Fund, having provided seed money for more than 100 projects, adds migration and soils to its focus

Water use innovations crucial to face climate change in Arab countries
Joint FAO-Arab League event hears climate change poses serious risk to water availability

Achieving Zero Hunger by 2030 requires turning political will into concrete actions
More investments in sustainable rural development required

World hunger on the rise again, reversing 25 years of progress
FAO Conference focuses on sustainable rural development as a response to conflict, climate change and migration

Turkey contributes $20 million to support FAO’s work in Central Asia and the Caucasus
Funds will help countries in the region improve food security, rural development and natural resource management

FAO Conference 40th Session: 9 Things to Know
The Conference is FAO's highest governing body

From the DG

Graziano da Silva receives award for lifelong commitment to eradicating malnutrition
Graziano da Silva: "There are already more obese than hungry people in the world"
FAO’s Special Ambassador for Nutrition shows concern about rising levels of obesity around the globe
Headquartered in São Tomé and Príncipe, the new facility will help boost the CPLP’s Strategy for Food and Nutrition Security
In recognition for "tireless leadeership and service in pursuit of a hunger-free world"
OECD and FAO highlight role of diets, urbanization, emissions and trade in outlook for next decade
Working together to tackle the impacts of climate change
Director-General José Graziano da Silva closes FAO Conference
FAO Awards recognize efforts around the world towards achieving Zero Hunger
The work continues right up to the very last day for FAO’s Director-General as he approaches his last month in office in a real tour de force
Outgoing Director-General Graziano da Silva hails FAO’s comparative advantage in tackling complex food system challenges
Succeeds José Graziano da Silva
Talks on the margins of the FAO Conference
In recognition of tireless efforts against hunger and malnutrition