Wednesday, 7th December 2016 from 13.30 to 14.30, Sheikh Zayed Centre

The future of Food and Agriculture: Trends and Challenges

Discuss global trends and challenges to food security and nutrition and the sustainability of agriculture into the 21st century, as laid down in the afore-mentioned publication, and assess implications for FAO’s work.

The publication was prepared as part of the quadrennial review of FAO’s Strategic Framework and preparation of its Medium-Term Plan, 2018-21. It portrays the main recent trends relevant to food and agriculture and outlines some projections of relevant variables. On this basis, it identifies ten major challenges the world is facing to achieve sustainable food production and permanent and universal food and nutrition security.  The backbone of this publication is a document on trends and challenges for the future of food and agriculture prepared by FAO’s Global Perspectives Studies team with contributions from staff across the Organization. The ultimate purpose of the report is to contribute to a common understanding of the major long-term trends and challenges that will determine the future of food security and nutrition, rural poverty, the efficiency of food systems, and the sustainability and resilience of rural livelihoods, agricultural systems and their natural resource base. As such, it aims to contribute to the realization of common goals as set by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Paris Agreement on climate change, ICN2, and other major international agreements.

The topic of the side event is particularly relevant to the item 3 of the Council’s agenda: “Reviewed Strategic Framework and outline of Medium Term Plan 2018-21: for discussion and decision (CL 155/3)”

Responsible office:

ES (Global Perspectives Studies) and OSP


English, French, Spanish


Stamoulis Kostas, Assistant Director General a.i., ES, FAO


  • Senior management to introduce, highlighting the genesis, goals and relevance of the publication;
  • Senior management (ES-ADG) provides short technical presentation of global trends and challenges.
  • Panel discussion (moderated by ES-ADG) on selected key challenges and implications for future of food and agriculture. Panelists TBD.
  • OSP Director to wrap up the discussion and highlight how the publication will inform the review of FAO’s Strategic Framework and preparation of the Medium- Term Plan 2018-21.



    13:30 – 13:35: ES-ADG (Introduction)
    13:35 – 13:45: ESA-ADG (Highlights of report)
    13:45 - 13:55: Chair or Representative of the Programme Committee
    13:55 - 14:05: Chair or Representative of the Finance Committee
    14:05 – 14:25: Discussion
    14:25 – 14:30: Wrap up by OSP Director



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