Bio of Mr Manuel de Araújo 

Manuel de Araújo has a long experience in Civil Society, Academy, Business and Politics. Mr Araújo is currently the Mayor of Quelimane City, the economic, political, and administrative capital of Zambezia province- the second biggest by population and size.

Quelimane is the 5th largest city in Mozambique. Furthermore, Mr Araújo is Vice-President for Africa of ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability, and member of ICLEI's GexCom. In 2019, De Araujo was elected Deputy Chair of the National Council of the Mozambican Mayor’s Association (ANAMM) Congress.

He was Member of Parliament and Deputy Chair of the Foreign Affiars Portfolio Committee in the Mozambican Parliament.

Mr. Araújo was educated in Mozambique (BA), Zimbabwe (MA) and in the UK (MA and PhD). Manuel de Araújo worked for Amnesty International in London as Campaign Coordinator for the Policing and Human Rights in Southern African project and before, as a Campaigner for the Portuguese and Spanish African speaking Countries.

He lectured at the Polytechnic University, the Higher Institute for Sciences and Technology and the Higher Institute for International Affairs. He is currectly a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences in the Catholic University. He was the founder and chairman of the Centre for Mozambican and International Studies.

Mr. Araújo was elected Lusophone personality of the Year 2018.