Near East and North Africa Land and water days 2019

The Near East and North Africa Land and Water Days are being convened on 31 March-4 April 2019 in Cairo, to review the progress made in addressing water scarcity in the region, foster exchange of knowledge and experience among countries and partners and chart the way forward taking into account the lessons learned, the new challenges to and opportunities for sustainable development. The event will focus on the NENA region but will link to the global perspective through the participation of countries and experts from other regions (Asia, Africa and Latin America) to provide for inter-regional insights and knowledge sharing.

Thematic areas

The Land and Water Days 2019 address key challenges to and solutions for sustainable land and water management for food security in five thematic areas:

Pathways to sustainable scarce-water-resources management

This theme focuses on the latest evidence about water scarcity in the NENA region, highlighting its impact on regional food security[...]

Halting land degradation

The degradation of land and soils is a major threat to food security, sustaining livelihoods, and the provision of ecosystem services and [...]

Land and Water Governance to achieve the SDGs in fragile systems

Incomplete or deficient policies and regulatory frameworks that inadequately address the interconnectedness and the complexity of land and water[...]

Impacts of climate change on regional development and prospects for increased resilience

Virtually all countries of the NENA region experience effects of [...]

Scaling-up investments in water for agriculture

With growing awareness of food production challenges and climate change concerns in the NENA region, innovative solutions[...]