FAO and non-government actors

To meet the challenge of Zero Hunger proposed by the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, it is crucial to be able to count on the political commitment of the governments and promote alliances with the different sectors.

As a result, FAO, as a neutral forum for policies, knowledge and technical expertise, is promoting a series of consultations with representatives of civil society, the private sector and academic institutions.

This website aims to provide a virtual space for Non-Governmental Actors (civil society, private sector and academia) to share information and opinions on the FAO Agenda in Latin America and the Caribean for the biennium 2018 - 2019, within the framework of the XXXV Conference Regional

Non-state actors that fall into three categories: Organization Members (OMs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Social Movements (SMs).

Includes civil society organizations, networks, platforms, community organizations, associations, informal village groups, etc. + Leer más

From producer organizations, cooperatives and small and medium enterprises to multinationals. Includes private financial institutions, industrial and trade associations, and consortiums.

Companies of any size, ownership and structure, including those in the food, agricultural, forestry and fishing sectors, including related services. + Leer más

Research centres, universities and philanthropic foundations. + Leer más