Second Ministerial Meeting on International Food Prices

Second Ministerial Meeting on International Food Prices

7 October 2013

Ministerial Meeting 11:00 CEST, Press Conference 13:15 CEST, FAO headquarters

Based on the success of the first Ministerial Meeting on Food Price Volatility held in 2012 in response to the third spike in international grain prices in five years, FAO is organizing the second Ministerial Meeting on International Food Prices. Although prices of cereals and oilseeds on international markets have fallen from the peaks reached in July 2012, they remain high and grain stock-to-utilization ratios remain low. There are therefore continuing concerns that markets continue to be vulnerable to supply shocks.

The meeting will provide a forum for the exchange of views and sharing of experiences between ministers concerning food price volatility and the policy problems it poses. The meeting is especially valuable and timely in the absence of any other international arrangements for a broad cross-section of agricultural ministers to meet in 2013 to discuss agricultural market issues. Indeed, in spite of their continuing importance, outstanding issues concerning food prices and markets are being largely overlooked in multilateral processes this year.

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