Ministerial Meeting on Governance and International Commodity Markets

Ministerial Meeting on Governance and International Commodity Markets

Rome, 6 October 2014

The theme for this year’s Ministerial Meeting is “Governance and International Commodity Markets” where governance is taken to embrace all the formal and informal rules, institutions and organizations and processes through which public and private actors articulate their interests; frame and prioritize issues; and make, implement, monitor, and enforce decisions. This theme should provide a wide context for statements by ministers, including on important questions surrounding price volatility, transparency and stability, commoditi es and development, sustainability and the international institutional architecture governing global agricultural commodity markets.

There are three sets of broader questions that ministers might wish to consider:

  • What should be the priorities of a global policy and development agenda for commodities and how should they relate to the broader international development goals of the Post-2015 Development Agenda?
  • What should international governance arrangements be expected to deliver bearing in mind what is politically and economically feasible?
  • How effective are current governance arrangements in providing what is required and how might existing institutions and arrangements be strengthened to meet the new challenges?  

Concept Note [PDF]

Agenda [PDF]

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