Step It Up Together with Rural Women to End Hunger and Poverty

Stepping it up with rural women
Women are the backbone of the rural economy. especially in the developing world, where they make up 43 percent of the agricultural labour force.But female farmers receive only a fraction of the land, credit, training and inputs like seeds and fertilizers that their male counterparts do.Brave Ndisale, Director Ad Interim...
This is a video interview with the FAO Gender specialist - Dono Abdurazakova, Senior Gender and Social Protection Specialist in Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia. She talks about the situation of rural women in the region, what is FAO doing. She also gives examples of FAO’s work and...
Edited video of Susana’s interview on the role of women in fisheries.
Edited video of Benjamin Davis from the launch of SOFA 2015.
Terri Raney- Former editor of The State of Food and Agriculture
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