Tenure and Fishing Rights 2018

Session 8. Social aspects

Pesquería de Berberechos y Almejas de la Cofradía de Pescadores y Mariscadores Artesanales de Noia (Galicia-España)

 Juan Manuel Gómez Blanco

Comunidades Garífunas en Honduras y su disputa por la tenencia de tierra

Graciela Pereira

Influence of Women involvement in Fisheries on Socio-economics in a Coastal Fishing Community in Ambalangoda, Southern province of Sri Lanka

Walpita Gamage Inoka Lakshmi, Udeni Edirisinghe, Chandramali Jayawardana

Fisheries and governance in the Colombian Amazonian Trapeze: Challenges during environmental crisis time

Liseth Escobar Aucu

Sustainable community fisheries management: a case in Cambodia

Sopha Lieng

Improvement of membership issues of fishing village for continuous development of fishing community in Korea

Kwang Nam Lee

Two institutions for one fisheries management: Pooling system and individual operation in Wagu spiny lobster fishery

Hiroe Ishihara

A Managed-Access Approach to Sustain Small Scale Fisheries Management in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

Handoko Adi Susanto

Adapting a fishing fleet to conflicting goals – Norway – too special to be an example?

Jan Frederik Danielsen

Competing Fisheries Stakeholders: User Rights in Nigeria’s Coastal and Inland Fishing Communities

Stella Williams

The Upgrading of Traditional Marine Resource Management in Maluku and Papua: Process, Outputs and Outcomes

Dedi Suriadi Adhuri

Case Study: Developing Rights-Based Fisheries to end manta hunting in Lamakera, Indonesia

Amiroh Husna Utami

Fishery Management In Korea: Transition from input controls to output controls

Ilhwan Cho