XIV World Forest Congress 2015

Instructions for paper submissions to the XIV World Forestry Congress

The deadline for submitting the full paper to the Congress has now passed. We are no longer accepting papers but we look forward to your participation at the Congress.

Once reviewed, submitted papers will receive the status of official Congress voluntary papers and be published on the Congress website. A few selected authors will be invited to prepare a presentation of their papers at the Congress.


Papers may be up to 8 pages (preferably less) and a maximum of 3000 words, including abstract, headers, author name(s) and affiliation, tables and figures, footnotes, text boxes and any annexes – but excluding bibliographical references and acknowledgements.

Click to download instructions as a pdf.


The papers must be technically or scientifically sound, up-to-date, relevant to the overall Congress theme and at least one of the sub-themes, and clear in their writing. Papers can be written in English, French or Spanish. There are currently no plans to translate the papers to other languages.


Papers are to be submitted as a final version ready to publish online in a Adobe Portable Document Format (.PDF file). Please name the file with the sub-theme number first (01-06), then your FAMILY NAME (in capitals) and a short title in the format:

Filename: XX_FAMILYNAME_ShortPaperTitle.PDF

(e.g. 03_SMITH_Fire_management_in_South_Africa.PDF)

You must use the formatting of the standard XIV World Forestry Congress 2015 paper template.

You can download this template  here.

Papers should have at least the following sections (subsections or additional sections are possible, and the section names can also be adjusted to suit the paper):

  • Title [Keep short and clearly describe the paper]
  • Author(s) name and affiliation / organization and email for the corresponding author
  • Abstract (max 2000 characters including spaces – the abstract already submitted to the Congress will be used to introduce the paper on the Congress website and should not be altered except to fix any errors or add additional results or new conclusions)
  • Introduction, scope and main objectives
  • Methods/approach
  • Results [include tables, figures, maps and charts in their final place near the relevant text]
  • Discussion [if required to compare to other literature]
  • Conclusions/outlook
  • Acknowledgements [optional – to be included as required for assistance with the paper and especially if there are any declarations of financial support or conflict of interest]
  • References [please include ALL references cited in the text following the example styles]


The corresponding author of accepted papers will receive a link via email to the online platform where the final submission can be made. Please select the appropriate abstract title and click to open the abstract page. Clicking the “Upload” button will allow you to select the file to be uploaded from your computer. Please ensure that the file is smaller than 10Mb.

The deadline for submission of all papers is 4 May 2015.

Presentation selection criteria

The following criteria are taken into consideration for the selection of papers for oral presentation:

  1. Overall relevance to the Congress themes
  2. Scientific or technical quality of the paper
  3. Quality of the structure/flow/writing  
  4. Innovative approach
  5. Whether the paper is previously unpublished
  6. Balance among regions, organization types and gender of authors

All accepted papers will be included on the Conference website. Various methods of presentation will be used to maximise the opportunity for authors to present their work but there will not be space or time in relevant sessions for all to be presented orally.


Those selected authors who will be invited to present their work will be contacted by 15 June or earlier where possible.

User rights and responsibilities

By submitting a paper to the Congress the author(s) agree that the full paper will be published on the Congress website as an official Congress paper. The title, names and affiliations of authors, and the abstract of the paper will be used to introduce the paper. This information along with the full paper will be visible in different places on the Congress website for an indefinite period of time. During the Congress, the paper, title, abstract and author(s) names and affiliations may be highlighted also in other ways.

Authors should insert the following text at the end of the text and before the References.
“The views expressed in this information product are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of FAO.”