FAO in Afghanistan


31 March 2022
Afghanistan is trapped in a humanitarian crisis with 23 million people facing acute food insecurity. We need to act now to stop the situation from getting worse
31 March 2022
Livestock protection assistance funded by Japan helps Kuchi nomadic herders in Uruzgan to continue feeding their animals Abdul Manan, 41, is a nomadic herder from Uruzgan’s provincial capital Tarinkot. He once had a herd of 100 sheep and other livestock. The ongoing drought, animal diseases and COVID-19 pandemic forced him to...
31 March 2022
By Jocelyn Brown Hall, Director FAO North America Liaison Office
03 February 2022
Funds will protect lives and livelihoods of vulnerable rural communities, lay a foundation for recovery
19 November 2021
Farmers and herders are vital if the country is to climb out of a hunger trap, says FAO