FAO Regional Office for Africa

The Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF)

Accra, Ghana. The Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) is one of the world’s most prominent fora for African agriculture. The theme for this year is “Grow Digital: Leveraging digital transformation to drive sustainable food systems in Africa”. The Forum brings together a critical range of stakeholders from decision-makers, thought leaders, investors, and other stakeholders across public, private, development and non-profit partners, and academic and research sectors. The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) organizes the Forum on a yearly basis. FAO supported AGRF in the past and AGRA has requested for FAO’s continued support as a strategic partner with financial commitment/contribution for the next three years.

AGRA is offering FAO significant space of the AGRF agenda, such as to lead one of 10 AGRF Thematic Platforms, participate in any of the other thematic platforms, and speak in prominent sessions in the Forum. Additionally, FAO will have an opportunity to drive a hallmark session, participate in policy roundtables, and raise the awareness of the organization’s brand in the exhibition booth and other spaces in the venue.

The Regional Management Team Meeting held recently in Accra noted that FAO must raise its profile in Africa and be present at all the tables that matter—represented at the right table, with a clear voice and value proposition. AGRF’s growing role as a diverse and multi-dimensional platform on African agricultural transformation provides one of those tables that FAO should aim to have a prominent voice. In view of this, FAO’s Regional Office for Africa (RAF) proposed strong participation at the 2019 AGRF.
The main objective of the forum is to highlight examples of agricultural transformation in action, and to promote efforts to drive and achieve scale and to foster accelerated impact. The forum will provide an opportunity to mobilize continental leadership including the private sector, to invest in the continent’s robust agriculture and food sector.

High-Level Profiles to attend AGRF are:

FAO Assistant Director General- Abebe Haile-Gabriel

FAO Deputy Regional Representative- Jocelyn Brown-Hall

FAO Regional Programme Leader- Ade Freeman