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Poster and agenda


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Scientific Consultation on Influenza and Other Emerging Zoonotic Diseases at the Human-Animal Interface

27—29 April 2010, Ospedaletto, Verona, Italy. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and the World Health Organization (WHO), organized on 27—29 April 2010, in Verona, Italy, the ‘Second FAO-OIE-WHO Joint Scientific Consultation on Influenza and Other Emerging Zoonotic Diseases at the Human-Animal Interface.’


The theme of the second scientific consultation was Past Experiences, New Paradigms and Future Threats with the overarching goals and objectives of carefully examining emerging zoonoses, including influenzas, and identifying commonalities at the human-animal interface. The outcomes of this gathering provide the technical basis for developing or modifying policies and strategies to more effectively prepare for and respond to the next emerging event.


The consultation was attended by 80 representatives from around the globe. It consisted of very short, specific technical presentations with significant amounts of time allocated to facilitated group discussions. Attendees were divided into groups to address relevant questions and issues, and later on they were asked to deliver brief, targeted presentations to serve as a basis for the group discussions.


In the end, the scientific consultation used the collective experiences of participants on zoonotic influenza and other emerging viral diseases to analyse and better understand the technical aspects of their detection, prevention, and control, and to examine how these measures apply to other emerging infectious diseases of economic importance to humans and societies. Their inputs were used in the formulation and guidance of conclusions and recommendations.