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In action

From the Field
FAO reaches milestone in massive famine-prevention campaign in Somalia
Empowering actors in the livestock value chain to engage in international trade in the Horn of Africa
FAO launches the Africa Sustainable Livestock 2050 Initiative in Egypt
Sharing knowledge, creating synergy: 15th Epi-Labnet Meeting
Bridging the gap: New network links pastoralists to policy making
Using innovative technology for quicker results and quicker response
Capacity building for sustainable wildlife management
Moving towards sustainable pastoralism
Dairy farming in Georgia becomes more productive – and profitable
Animal vaccinations in Yemen help protect families’ livelihoods
Le bétail de 2.500 familles agricoles bénéficie de soins vétérinaires de la FAO à travers les cliniques mobiles vétérinaires
Increased preparedness for potential H7N9 incursion and spread in Viet Nam
Preparing for the worst – UN FAO team supports avian influenza outbreak simulation exercises in Lao PDR
Capacity building on DEA method in livestock production
Initiative to reduce risks arising out of the unregulated cross-border movement of livestock and poultry
FAO facilitates establishment of Indian Network for Fishery and Animals Antimicrobial Resistance (INFAAR)
Sensitizing stakeholders in Uganda on FAO’s new workplan supporting action packages of the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) through a USAID-funded project
First SAARC EpiNet Forum Meeting
Georgia gets ready for possible reemergence of cattle disease
Simple IT solution for bottlenecks in Kazakhstan’s dairy industry
FAO and Ministry of Livestock, Animal Resources and Fisheries launch initiative to implement a Foot-and-Mouth Disease Progressive Control Pathway
. Drought-hit counties in Kenya receive livestock feed
FAO and EBRD host first Caucasus Dairy Congress in Georgia
ATLASS Mission Embarks on Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Preparation in Indonesia
Mobile animal health clinic for cattle farmers in Killinochchi district supported by FAO
Indigenous peoples are key to protecting wildlife and rural livelihoods
FAO and DAH-MARD closely collaborates to safeguard livelihoods from influenza A(H7N9) virus
With FAO help, Moldova offers a good example of handling African swine fever
Good emergency management practices (GEMP) workshop in Tanzania
One Health Capacity Development: Turning Threats into Opportunities
FAO-DAH’s participant-driven training improves influenza surveillance in Viet Nam
Mongolia Keeps Animal Diseases at Bay with the Help of Nuclear Technologies
IAEA Hosts Latin American, Caribbean and U.S. Experts on Fight Against Screwworm Pest
Supporting Myanmar on the control of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS)
Southern Africa: Strengthening capacity of livestock interventions in crises
Viet Nam: Together and Stronger against antimicrobial resistance
LinkTADs project ends – Major achievements
US$ 5 million livestock traceability project gets under way in Georgia
Laos joins race against the clock to overcome antimicrobial resistance
Laboratory network that helped win rinderpest battle expands efforts to control other animal diseases
Farmer training and testing for veterinary drug residues improve Pakistan’s reputation in international food trade
New drought looming in southeastern Ethiopia – likely to affect millions of livestock owners
Ensuring wildlife and livestock coexistence vital for international trade and environmental protection
Countries in Asia-Pacific race against the clock to overcome antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
FAO and ECOWAS support One Health approach for health security in West Africa
National dialogue fortifies Ukraine’s milk industry
Viet Nam Action Plan for AMU/AMR reduction in Livestock Sector
LinkTADs presented its major achievements in Kunming, China
Summary of the Viet Nam Action Plan for AMU/AMR reduction in Livestock Sector
Highly pathogenic avian influenza spreading in Europe, South Asia
One Health technical and ministerial meeting opens in Dakar
ECTAD Egypt trains Laboratory staff from AHRI and NRC on lab tests for MERS_CoV
Partnership for 'One Health' initiatives (photo story)
FAO risk assessment calls for a concerted Rift Valley Fever rapid response campaign in West Africa
H5N8 highly pathogenic avian influenza detected in Hungary and in the Republic of India
FAO marks 3 November, the first One Health Day
FAO supports Veterinary Services Directorate with Equipment to help in laboratory data collection, collation and analysis on HPAI disease prevention and control
Understanding mobile pastoralism key to prevent conflict
Viet Nam and Cambodia join forces for animal health collaboration
Afrique de l’Ouest et centrale, pour l’analyse des chaines de valeurs et des comportements associés aux maladies émergentes
FAO joins forces with Moldovan authorities against African swine fever
Southern Africa lays out roadmap to eradicate the small ruminant plague
Reducing the spread of Zoonotic diseases in Fiji
FAO supports ASEAN initiative in the establishment of a Coordinating Centre for Animal Health and Zoonoses
LinkTADs presented its major achievements at the 10th EPIZONE meeting in Madrid
Assessment of national antimicrobial resistance (AMR) surveillance in Kenya
FAO calls for more robust anthrax prevention measures
Zimbabwe: Raising media awareness on the threats of antimicrobial resistance
Pastoralist ‘dropouts’ in Ethiopia’s lowlands boost income through animal feed production and marketing
Rabies: Educate, vaccinate and eliminate
Joint LinkTADs - AGAH/GLEWS Webinar on the use of EMPRES-i
ECOWAS and FAO discuss Animal Health and Production Networks
Safer Animal Trade between Myanmar and China and South-South Cooperation
1st Regional FMD West Africa Roadmap meeting held in Lomé, Togo
LinkTADs final event at the EPIZONE meeting in Madrid
Pastoralism platform promotes peace in conflict-prone Central African Republic
Flores and Lembata Islands provide proving grounds for effective and humane control of rabies
China-focused FMD Emergency Preparation on-line course
FAO reiterates the need to embrace agriculture in the Global Health Security Agenda
Strengthening capacities in the livestock sector in Somalia
Building risk assessment capacity in Myanmar animal health services
Webinar on the use of FAO’s global animal disease information system organized by LinkTADs
FAO ECTAD Tanzania supported training program on surveillance protocols of filoviruses in livestock
The livestock sector accepts the challenge of the UN Agenda 2030
FAO ECTAD awarded “the Memorial Medal for the development Cause of Viet Nam Agriculture and Rural Development” on DAH’s 50th anniversary
FAO to support Mongolia in increasing national capacity in control and preparedness of sheep and goat pox
Recording of the Webinar on the African Swine Fever Regional Strategy for Africa is now available
LinkTADs presented in Brussels
USAID Emerging Pandemic Threats Programme phase two (EPT-2): FAO-ECTAD Training Workshop on Livestock System Characterization and Value Chain Analysis
FAO pilots efforts to integrate literacy and livelihood skills building in pastoralist field schools in South Sudan
FAO Sub-regional training for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries on Transport of Infectious Substances held in Abu Dhabi
Ganadería de América Latina y el Caribe puede jugar rol clave en el logro de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible
Team effort works to protect Ukraine rural economy from pig disease
FAO is committed to improving animal health service delivery in the pastoral areas of Ethiopia
Removal of rinderpest virus from Africa enters final stages
Webinar on the African Swine Fever Regional Strategy for Africa
FAO equips six Regional Veterinary Laboratories in Uganda
FAO against Brucellosis
FAO convenes Country Consultative Meeting on EPT-2 Programme
FAO helps feed vulnerable herder communities in Ethiopia
FAO ECTAD Tanzania Supported the Development of National Surveillance Plan for Filoviruses in Livestock
FAO organizes a workshop in Morocco for emergencies management in animal health
Belgian-FAO support to El Niño-affected pastoralists in Somali Region of Ethiopia strengthens livestock-based livelihoods
Scott Newman receives Medal for his contribution in agriculture and rural development
Building resilience to enable vulnerable people cope with natural disasters and pandemic threats
Partners call for support towards an International Year of Pastoralists
Combatting avian influenza in Viet Nam, the 8-year-long collaboration in a book
Government and FAO Urge Public to Stay Alert for Bird Flu
FAO epidemiological assessment mission and national stakeholder meeting to help Nigeria eradicate highly pathogenic avian influenza
Rinderpest Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) 9th Meeting held in Rome
FAO-OIE held Technical Meeting on International preparedness and Vaccine Strategic Reserves
La FAO organise une consultation nationale pour la formulation de la composante FAO du programme EPT-2 financé par l’USAID
Eradiquer la peste des petits ruminants en Afrique de l’Ouest pour une production animale plus efficace
FAO Work Planning meeting for year 1 of the USAID-funded Emerging Pandemic Threats phase 2 (EPT-2) Programme in West and Central Africa
Tournée du Représentant de la FAO dans projet avicole à Ngozi : beaucoup d’espoir chez les bénéficiaires
Launch of the Platform of analysis and measurement of population resilience in Sahel, West Africa
Pastoralist organizations help plan Sahel initiative
Egypt moves forward with MERS-CoV surveillance in camels
FAO Work planning meeting for year 1 of the USAID-funded Emerging Pandemic Threats phase 2 (EPT-2) Programme in Tanzania
Countries envision wiping out an animal disease
LinkTADs Webinar on influenza A(H7N9) epidemiology and surveillance in China
FAO Work planning meeting for year 1 of the USAID-funded Emerging Pandemic Threats phase 2 (EPT-2) Programme in Jordan
Farming Without Fear of Diseases
Taking Care of Cattle Health - Brucellosis Control in Armenia
FAO and the United Kingdom combined efforts to increase animal health emergency preparedness awareness in the Caucasus and Central Asia
New Myanmar One Health (OH) Strategy
FAO organizes a workshop to control Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Libya
Des poulaillers pour aider les femmes et jeunes chômeurs à sortir de l’insécurité alimentaire (in French)
Destocking operation provides drought-stricken pastoralists with much-needed food and income in Somali Region of Ethiopia
Pilot Project for Veterinary Laboratory Policy in Kenya - Technical Working Group meeting
FAO Work Planning meeting for year 1 of the USAID-funded Emerging Pandemic Threats phase 2 (EPT-2) Programme in Kenya
Great Response to FAO's Campaign against Avian Flu in Egypt
Épizootie de la fièvre aphteuse en Afrique du Nord: la détection précoce et confiance de la liberté (in French)
New Project Agreement Signed to Prevent and Control Emerging Pandemic Threats in Indonesia
Reaching the unreached, Ethnic Minorities in Viet Nam
Traditional Healers – A key player in One Health Rabies Eradication
Drones for Good 2016: FAO/IAEA’s ROMEO system for aerial release of sterile male mosquitoes finishes 4th place among over 1000 entries
Launch of the Emerging Pandemic Threats phase 2 (EPT-2) Programme in West and Central Africa
Nuclear Technique Can Help Control Disease-Transmitting Mosquitoes