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When I point to a button nothing happens? Nothing happens when I click on some of the toolbar buttons, e.g. Glossary?
Either you are using a browser than can't utilise JavaScript, in which case we suggest updating your browser. Or the settings on your browser have disabled Javascript. Enable this facility and try again.- 'View > Internet Options > Advanced'.

How do I uninstall Internet Explorer?
Windows 95
: Click on "Start" -> "Settings" -> "Control Panel". Double click on "Add/Remove Programs". In the list presented, find Microsoft Internet Explorer. Click on this line once to highlight it, and then click on remove.
Windows 98: Internet Explorer comes as part of Windows 98. It cannot be uninstalled.

(This program is best viewed with Internet Explorer4/5.)

How do I install Internet Explorer? Why do I need it?
Click on "Start" -> "Run" -> type "D:\IE\ie5setup.exe".
You can download from the Microsoft web site and follow the on screen instructions.

I cannot run this CD on Windows 3.1
This CD is designed for Windows 95/98 only and will not function under Windows 3.1.

I am running Windows 95/98, and I cannot see any files in the folders, only in the root directory.
This seems to be a problem with some Windows 95 users who are still using 16 bit CD-ROM Drivers. If you are using 16 Bit drivers, your system may not be able to handle long file names.