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29 July 2009

Cost Benefit analysis of different management options for free roaming dog populations in Abruzzo, Italy

Free-roaming dogs constist of stray dogs, block dogs (owned by the community) and the unsupervised owned dogs. With euthanasia no longer an option by the Italian laws and regulations, management options of free roaming dogs currently include kenneling, inclusion of stray dogs into block dogs and adoptions of strays by new homes. the management of these animals could have high costs, in terms of money and animal welfare as well as social costs, therefore the cost optimization is of paramount importance.
Author/Organization: P. Dalla Villa, A. Di Nardo, Er C. and H. Hogases - OIE COllaborating Centre for veterinary Training Epidemiology, Food Safety and Animal Welfare - National Veterinary Institute, Norway
Year: 2009
Where: Italy
Topics: stray dogs