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28 November 2009

Dogs in Kathmandu Valley. Man''s best friend betrayed

The Animal Welfare Network Nepal in the winter of 2008 conducted a survey into people’s perceptions of pet and stray animals in Kathmandu Valley. Six different teams interviewed a total of 656 individuals (297 pet owners and 359 community members) in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur District. The findings call for immediate intervention by government authorities, civil society and the public at large. Although there are some positive developments in the lives of Kathmandu’s owned dogs (some 90% of pets reportedly receive vaccinations, dog owners increasingly are inclined to take their pet to a vet when it is sick and like to spend time with them), the overall situation of both pet and stray dogs in Kathmandu Valley is a grim one. 64% of pets are kept on a chain, of whom 36% on a very short one. Pets die at a young age, possibly due to general neglect and a lack of awareness on canine health. Only 17% receive some kind of family planning. This is a great cause for concern as offspring tend to be abandoned on the street, further increasing the stray dog population.
Author/Organization: Animal Welfare Network Nepal
Year: 2009
Where: Nepal
Topics: stray dogs