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Information about food labelling from many parts of the world is provided on this page. Use the right hand column of the page to see information intended for consumers, the food industry and governments. The information is also arranged by the purpose of the food label – nutrition, food safety, environment and social information. The information can also be searched by the source, that is, international organizations, governments and non-governmental organizations.


Source: FAO
Innovations in food labelling
A qualitative assessment of standards and certification schemes applicable to aquaculture in the Asia–Pacific region
Guidelines for the ecolabelling of fish and fishery products from marine capture fisheries
Cost benefits of nutrition labelling
Research on consumer & nutrition labelling
Typology for nutrition labels
Research sampling methods
The advantages and disadvantages of surveying methods
Source: WHO
Nutrition labels and health claims: the global regulatory environment
Source: Codex Alimentarius
General Standard for the Labelling of Pre-packaged Foods
Codex Alimentarius Food Labelling, 2007
Codex guidelines on nutrition labelling
Guidelines for use of nutrition and health claims
Consideration of issues related to mandatory nutrition labelling – Codex Committee on Food Labelling 2010
Source: UNESCO
Misleading food labels


Source: FAO
Nutrition Education and Consumer Awareness
Food Safety and Quality
Food Safety and Quality: Public education, communication and information
International Network of Food Data Systems (INFOODS)
Human Nutrition
FAO Nutritional Requirements
Labelling and certification in fisheries and aquaculture
Organic agriculture
What is behind an organic label? - FAO Organic Agriculture Working Group
Environmental and social standards: certification systems that add value
Quality and Origin
FAO Voluntary Guidelines to Support the progressive realization of the right to adequate food in the context of national food se
Source: Codex Alimentarius
Codex Alimentarius
Source: WTO
World Trade Organization Trade agreements
Technical barriers to trade
Sanitary and phytosanitary measures
Source: WHO
WHO Nutrition for Health and Development
Noncommunicable diseases country profiles 2011 WHO global report
WHO Nutrition for Health and Development
Source: UN
United Nations high-level meeting on noncommunicable disease prevention and control
United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection (as expanded in 1999)
Source: EuroFIR
EuroFIR eSearch facility

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