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Information about food labelling from many parts of the world is provided on this page. Use the right hand column of the page to see information intended for consumers, the food industry and governments. The information is also arranged by the purpose of the food label – nutrition, food safety, environment and social information. The information can also be searched by the source, that is, international organizations, governments and non-governmental organizations.


Source: Brazil
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Consumer education manual
Rotulagem Nutricional Obrigatória: Manual de Orientação às Indústrias de Alimentos
Resolution RDC no. 359, dated December 23rd, 2003
Resolution RDC no. 360, dated December 23rd, 2003
Source: Aus/NZ
Overview and Application of Food Labelling
Source: Australia
Food labelling guide by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Australia handbook
Source: New Zealand
NZFSA Labelling Guide companion to Food Standards Code by The New Zealand Food Safety Authority
Source: Hong Kong
Trade Guidelines on Preparation of Legible Food Labels
Technical Guidance Notes on Nutrition Labelling and Nutrition Claims
Method Guidance Notes on Nutrition Labelling and Nutrition Claims
Application guide: Small Volume Exemption from Nutrition Labelling
Technical Issues on Nutrition Labelling - Rounding Rules
Acceptable Nutrient Function Claims under the Nutrition Labelling Scheme in Hong Kong
Trade guidelines on Serving Size of Prepackage Food for Nutrition Labelling
Source: USA
FDA cost benefit
Food Labeling Guide by Food and Drug Administration's (FDA's)Revised October 2009
Source: UK
UK green book
FOOD LABELLING GUIDANCE - 2008 by food standards agency
Source: EU
EU Regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers
Source: Argentina
Normas para la Rotulacion y Publicidad de los Alimentos: Resolución Conjunta SPRyRS 149/2005 y SAGPyA 683/2005 .
Source: Chile
Regolamento Sanitario de los Alimentos Dto. N° 977/96 (d.of. 13.05.97)
Modifica Decreto N° 977 De 1996, Del Ministerio De Salud, Reglamento Sanitario De Los Alimentos
RSA propuesta de modificación Reg. Esp mayo 2008
Source: Uruguay
Decreto 117/006
Guia para la aplicacion del Dec. 117_006
Source: Canada
Food and Drug Regulations C.R.C. c. 870


Source: Aus/NZ
Food Standards Australia New Zealand
Nutrition Panel Calculator – Australia and New Zealand
Source: Canada
Health Canada - Nutrition Labelling
Food Inspection Agency: Guide to Food Labelling and Advertising
Health Canada: Guide to Developing Accurate Nutrient Values
Nutrition Labelling Compliance Test
Source: Hong Kong
Nutrition labelling for consumers
Nutrition labelling for trade
Source: USA
Nutrition Facts Label Programs and Materials
Food and Drug Administration: Guidance for Industry: A Food Labeling Guide
USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory
Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990
Source: UK
Food allergen labelling legislation: Guidance
Allergen management and labelling for pre-packed foods
Providing allergen information for non pre-packed foods
Composition and labelling of foodstuffs suitable for people intolerant to gluten: Guidance
Labelling of certain food colours as set out in Regulation 1333/2008: Guidance
Labelling of certain food colours as set out in Regulation 1333/2008: Guidance

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