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Capacity building for nutrition education

To effectively implement nutrition education and communication programmes, nutrition professionals and organizations must have knowledge, skills and resources. The Nutrition Education and Consumer Awareness Group works with government agencies, universities, training institutions and non-governmental organizations to identify, enhance, develop and strengthen national capacities to provide nutrition education for the general public, school children and highly vulnerable groups.

We provide nutrition information materials, technical guidelines and tools for use by nutrition professionals, trainers and educators; we train national staff in innovative nutrition education methods and communication strategies; and we develop and implement technical assistance projects in collaboration with national governments.

Our activities aim to build capacities for

  • the assessment of factors that determine dietary patterns and food choices;
  • the development of locally appropriate dietary guidance for different age and population groups;
  • the development of strategies that focus on dietary behavioral changes; and
  • the promotion of food environments and policies that support access to healthy foods and empower individuals to adopt healthy eating habits.

last updated:  Friday, January 8, 2016