Workshop on Improved Application Techniques and Novel Survey Methods


This workshop, held in Akjoujt and Nouakchott, Mauritania had four main aims :

  • To develop and implement a test protocol to assess the potential of microlight aircraft for aerial survey
  • To investigate the potential of a novel 4 wheel drive vehicle for use in Desert Locust control and survey operations
  • To examine the use of the fungus Metarhizium for Desert Locust control
  • To discuss the results of the Norwegian funded FAO project "Improving Pesticide Application Techniques for Desert Locust Control"

The workshop was organised as a collaborative venture between FAO (Locust and Other Migratory Pests Group, Rome), FAO EMPRES (Central and Western Regions), GTZ, the Centre de Lutte Antiacridienne (CLAA, Mauritania) and the project "Improving Pesticide Application Techniques for Desert Locust Control". The FAO Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in South-West Asia also contributed to the costs of the workshop.

Reports from the workshop are available for downloading.

The workshop was held on 17-30 November 2001. The first part was based in the field at the CLAA/FAO EMPRES Field Research Station at Akjoujt.

Participants came from each of the three Desert Locust regions: one each from Pakistan and India, one from Sudan and one from Yemen, together with the EMPRES Survey NPO from Yemen. The Western Region was represented by locust staff from Mauritania, together with the EMPRES Western Region NPO. All participants were highly experienced Desert Locust control and survey officers.


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An aerial view of the Akjoujt Field Research Station