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  • 6 December. Hopper band and swarm control in Mauritania
  • 9 November. Hopper bands in Mauritania and northern Mali
  • 10 October. New reports of a few swarms and some hopper bands in N. Mali
  • 5 October. Calm situation prevails
  • 5 September. Situation continues to remain calm despite good breeding conditions
  • 8 August. Calm situation continues but locust habitat conditions are improving in most summer breeding areas
  • 5 July. Calm situation continues
  • 8 June. Situation returns to calm in all areas
  • 16 May. Situation improves in N. Mauritania but control continues on Algerian-Libyan border
  • 4 April. Hopper bands in N. Mauritania
  • 10 March. Breeding and control in N. Mauritania
  • 23 February. Calm situation prevails
  • 9 February. Improving situation in northern Mauritania being closely monitored
  • 11 January. Outbreak ends in Mali but a second one is in progress in Mauritania


A service provided by the Migratory Pests Group to monitor the world-wide locust situation and keep
affected countries and donors informed of expected developments.

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, Rome, Italy


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