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  • 31 May. Immature swarms move into western Darfur
  • 25 May. Hopper bands form in central Niger
  • 4 May. Hopper bands form on Red Sea coast in Saudi Arabia
  • 15 April. Limited breeding so far in NW Africa
  • 5 April. Hatching starts in NW Africa; immature swarms in NE Sudan
  • 16 March. Immature swarms form in NE Sudan
  • 10 March. Swarm laying starts in NW Africa
  • 3 March. Swarms maturing in NW Africa
  • 22 February. Locust situation continues to improve
  • 7 February. Locust situation improves
  • 20 January. Locust situation improves
  • 10 January. Locusts persist in Guinea Bissau


A service provided by the Migratory Pests Group to monitor the world-wide locust situation and keep affected countries and donors informed of expected developments

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