Improving Pesticide Application Techniques for Desert Locust Control








The following reports are available for download:

Analysis of Current Practices:

Review of Current Practices (PDF 688 Kb)

Risk Analysis Workshop (PDF 94 Kb)

 Operator Monitoring for Pesticide Exposure

Field Validation of Methods (PDF 138Kb)

Implications for Operator Monitoring in Desert Locust Control Operations. An Analysis of the 1993/1994 Campaign in Mauritania. (PDF 158 Kb)

Field Studies on Operator Monitoring for Pesticide Exposure in Desert Locust Control Operations Campaign 1999 - 2000 (PDF 172 Kb)

Monitoring Domestic Animals

(Reports in French only)

General Background (PDF 28 Kb

Camel Health Study (PDF 18Kb)

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact of Team Operations - A Preliminary Environmental Impact Scoping Exercise (PDF 84 Kb)

Differential GPS - Aerial Trials

Aerial Trials - 1998 (PDF 1.3 Mb)

Aerial Trials - 1998 (MS Word 700 kb)


Accuracy of GPS (1999) (PDF 44 Kb)



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