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Train the Trainers Course on Locust Survey and Control
Muscat, Oman
22 January - 2 February 2000

NRI/FAO organized an international training course to train national training officers of various locust affected countries. The course was held near Muscat, Sultanate of Oman from 22 January to 2 February 2000. It was sponsored by FAO, DFID and APLC.

Nineteen participants from 12 countries (Australia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, India, Iran, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritania, Oman, Sudan, Yemen). The five trainers (from FAO, NRI and the Woverhampton University, UK) were experts with many years of experience in survey, control and training.


Course participants
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The purpose of the course was two-fold: to increase the understanding of the principles and practices of locust survey and control, and to train the participants as trainers and develop their skills in planning, organising and delivering national training courses in their countries. Participants should leave the course with a very good understanding of the technical aspects of locust monitoring and control as well as techniques for communicating the information effectively to others.

The 12 day programme consisted of presentations, demonstrations, practical hands-on exercises in the classroom and in the field, and general discussions. It was divided into three sessions: survey, control and training skills. Participants worked in four small groups, each with a trainer in order to get everyone actively involved. Pre- and post-course assessments were made to measure participant progress. Evening sessions allowed trainees to give short presentations on a subject of their choice.