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eLocust downloads

to download: use right mouse button, click on zip file and select Save Target (Link) as ...

Busy View - additional views for Agenda program
Clean It - cleans directory files and folders
Converter - conversion of weights and measures
Defrag - defragments Psion 5mx disk
Dirprint - prints lists of files
eLocust - English version
eLocust - French version
FIWorld - advanced clock and time zones
Hol5 - religious holidays added to Agenda
nConvert - file conversion to/from PC
nFTP - file transfer via FTP
No More - manage Extras icons
PDF - open, view and print PDF files
pIBeam - infrared file transfer (demo)
PsiBio - biorhythm charts
PsiDat - database program (required for eLocust)
PsiGar - Psion/Garmin GPS manager
PsiWin - Psion/PC connection and file transfer
QuickNote - notepad for notes and sketches
RealMaps - mapping program (used with eLocust)
Reclaim - compresses data files
SafePlace - password and accounts manager
SetScreen - adjust screen brightness/contrast
Solun - astronomy
ThesLink - thesaurus for Word
Txt2PDF - converts text to PDF

eLocust maps

requires RealMaps on the Psion 5mx + index files

Djibouti Mali Saudi Arabia Sudan
Egypt Mauritania Somalia Yemen
Eritrea Niger Southwest Asia
Libya Oman

Additional Psion 5mx software: FreEPOC Tucows Psion


A service provided by the Migratory Pests Group to monitor the world-wide locust situation and keep
affected countries and donors informed of expected developments.

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, Rome, Italy

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