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FAO informal Expert Network now expanding to soil reclamation [SR]
[Sep 2005]
Our Informal Network is enlarging its expert community to cover the crucial subject of soil reclamation and management of salt-affected soil and water resources. We invite experts to share their experiences, skills and knowledge in facilitating the full recovery of tsunami-affected zones. [visit the Forum]
Integrated Coastal Area Management [ICAM] in tsunami-affected countries: an informal networking
[Aug 2005]
In all countries affected by the tsunami, the immediate priority of each country has been to attend to the emergency created by the tsunami followed by efforts to rehabilitate and reconstruct. The main objectives of the latter are to ensure that agriculture, fisheries and forestry-based livelihoods are protected, rehabilitated and enhanced in a sustainable manner. Integrated Coastal Area Management provides an opportunity to build back better livelihoods in the tsunami zone. [read more]

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Salt-affected soils from sea water intrusion: strategies for rehabilitation and management

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