User feedback

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From Burkina Faso 2018: "Research4life could help our new institute to access to high-quality and relevant scientific literature, to improve our research in relevant fields regarding to our specializations and the quality and effectiveness of education and training."

From Malawi 2018: "We are hearty thanks to research4life to do this publication service to the students, faculties and researchers for the better development of Malawi."

From Uganda 2018: "Thank you for this development and new addition to the Research for Life resources and access points. I wish to register my thanks for AGORA which we have continued to access since the beginning!"

From Laos 2016: "AGORA is very useful to access valuable information.  So, I have a plan to continue teaching and training others: the staff in my office and my students.  Yes, I am happy and pleased to be a trainer for AGORA searching."

From Ghana 2016: "I think it was a very good workshop with a lot of information to share. With the knowledge acquired I see myself well positioned to extend to my working colleagues and my director."

From Zimbabwe 2016: "Learning how to use/ access journals from AGORA was quite a good experience for me, and also knowing the procedures to access and register it as an institution was more of a good lesson."

From Myanmar 2016: "Thank you very much for holding the Workshop on AGORA in our country. I obtained a lot of knowledge from this workshop that I will share with my colleagues. Now, we can access journals and books in AGORA and we can get more information easily. So, I think it will narrow the development gap between rural and urban area in our country. I hope you hold this kind of workshop often in Myanmar."

From Angola 2015: "On behalf of AWIST community, I extend my sincere thanks to you for your support and opportunity given to us to access e-information from you, we cannot take it for granted. Indeed you have contributed a lot to the growth and development of AWIST. We therefore acknowledge you contribution for setting up an e-library at AWIST and a great opportunity to all students and staff to access and utilize information. Wish you the best."

From Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, 2014: "Thank you for granting us this great privilege to access AGORA. We're excited that we now can access the latest research in the field of agriculture which is very significant to DPRK. This will greatly help us educate our students for the improvement of life sciences, agriculture, and related fields."

From Benin, 2014: "Nous vous remercions de nous permettre de pouvoir profiter de votre programme."

From Viet Nam, 2014: "AGORA is a really valuable source of information and we will promote it more in our area, so that more and more library patrons will use it for their purposes."

From République démocratique du Congo, 2014: "Salut à toute l'équipe. Je vous rappelle que dans notre équipe de recherche, sur 18 DEA formés en trois ans, 6 ont soutenu leurs thèses de doctorat, 2 vont soutenir en Novembre 2014 et 2 en juin 2015. Je suis très sûr qu'il y a eu "effet AGORA". Comme quoi, vous ne faites pas un travail vain."

From Zimbabwe, 2014: ".....We would also like to express our gratitude to Hinari for this very informative program. The online resources; both books and journals that it provides are of great relevance to our users. Our library is also subscribed to your sister program; Agora has also proved to be of great use to our clientele."