NSP - Agerantum


Family: Asteraceae

Common names: Goatweed Billygoatweed Celestina azul

Annual erect or decumbent with branched and hairy stem up to 1 m height, leaves opposite, inflorescence with florets arranged in terminal clusters, clair mauve colour, achenes black.

It is a common plant in arable land, well adapted to hot and cool conditions. It grows better in irrigated areas.

A. conyzoides propagates by seeds, which readily germinate.

For its control, the best is to prepare the land in a conventional way to reduce the stand of this weed.

This plant is very common in many hot climatic countries all over the world, but it may also be found in others with soft temperature regimes, e.g. Nepal.


Countries: Cameroon, Nepal, Togo, United Arab Emirates


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